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DK House Sapporo Feb 3rd

I survived my first night at the DK House dormitory in Sapporo. For the next five weeks, this will be my home and Lucy. I moved to Sapporo to help Lucy through a bad patch. This is a difficult time for me and her. But we will get through this.

We are in a two bed apartment, with a kitchenette and a nice bathroom. However, any cooking I do is in the main kitchen where all the tools that I need are available. I feel like Rachel Ray, putting all I need in a basket and taking it to the kichen, although I have four flights of step to get to the kitchen. The common room is very nice, with free internet access and that is where you will find Lucy, pounding away on her laptop. It is also a lot warmer than our room.

If you are ever in Sapporo and need a  place to stay for a month or so, give this place a try. Here is their website: www.e-guesthouse.com/sapporo/ – you do need to supply your own linens and such or you could rent it from them.

Sapporo is a very cold place, the snow, as I said, never seemed to melt. In the last few days, however, the city crew moved a ton of snow away from the pavements and roads. It is still treacherous to walk on the pavements, so much ice and snow still. I cannot understand, though, how some of the girls are walking in spike heels and platform shoes!

This is snow festival week and as I passed Odori park, folks are busy carving and chipping away at ice to make their sculptures. I have to find out where all the huge sculptures are – I have seen pictures of big huge buildings carved out of ice but some say there is not as much snow here this year.

I have just found out that there is a cross country place not too far from here. I am going to check it out and maybe rent some equipment. I am trying to make the best of a bad situation.


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February 1st.


It is the week of Snow Festival in Sapporo, Japan and I just happen to be here! I am visiting Lucy and helping her with some problems.


Check out this website. This is where the happening is – Snow Festival of huge ice sculptures. I have been wanting to see this for years and here I am!!



The locals say that there is a lack of snow this year so they do not think the scultures are going to be huge and grandoise but I am just excited to be here!! Also, this week is the x-c ski Worldloppett on Saturday the 10th. So exciting. Lucy and I might just be there to cheer whomever on!!!!


Well, I am booked at this Guest house until the 4th – hopefully, I can find somewhere else to stay – if not I am going to be very disappointed.

Sapporo is a very cold place. The sun does not come out very much and so the roads and the pavements are caked in snow – fortunately not too much icy patches on the pavement. It is just white everywhere. They have to shovel the snow off their roofs – I guess the snow load bearing beam is not that great in the homes. Roads are reduced to single lanes. I cannot imagine Truckee like this with snow and ice on the roads and cars driving on them. And the darndest thing is that girls are walking in the foot thick ice and snow on the pavement in heels and spiky ones at that and people are still riding their bikes!!! Oops, the sun is out and how pretty everything is. I should probably go out and enjoy the sun.




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