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You know how I know? Dave was very busy in the bathroom and I peeked to see that he has shaved his beard! Yes, skiing is over here, at least ski skating. Last week, the snow was kind of sloppy. Below us, the bushes are sprouting red flowers and Dave is going off on his bike.

My kids are gathering in San Francisco and this would be the week that Dave and I were flying  home but it is not to be. I miss my kids and I hope to see them soon, and of course, my dear Hobbes and Jackie too.

I came down with either the flu or food poisoning from all these fresh raw stuff that i eat.  Dave and Lucy were fine so it may not be food poisoning because we all ate the same stuff. The good thing is that i lost a couple of pounds!

Miss Lucy has been accepted by three UCs – Davis, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. She is waiting on one more result before commiting to one. How exciting is that! She has two AP tests that she is supposed to be swotting for and a trip to the Phillipines for Habitat for Humanity in May. Then the graduation ceremony in June. In the mean time, we are looking forward to some Japanese lessons next week. 

I am designing a new hat pattern – can’t wait for the finished results.


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Our last full day here in Sapporo. Tomorrow, Lucy and I will say goodbye to Dk House and Sapporo. I will miss the city – it is a lovely place, full of exciting shops, malls and places to eat. However, I shall not miss walking on icy pavements and doing the balancing and skidding acts! I cannot believe that I spent 35 days here already. It was tough in the beginning, marking my calender daily. Then, as I got into skiing, Japanese classes, the days seemed to go by alot faster.

As the weather warmed up abit, the ice and snow on the roads turned to slush – like slurpy at 7-11 (for you Miss Danette!!) about a foot of it! Thenit gets watery and runs down the roa like a mini river. If we ar enot careful, we get splashed by fast moving cars – the brats enjoyed doing that, I swear!!

Shipped 11 suitcases, ski bags and boxes through Takkyubin yesterday and today. I wrote each piece of shipping label in Japanese – so proud of myself! The shipment will arrive in Aizu on Saturday. 

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