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Lucy and I were back in Sapporo for her AP tests. We were there for 5 days. The first day was nice and warm, the rest of the stay, however, was very windy and cold! All the ice and snow were gone, of course, but the wind brought tears to my eyes.

I visited my favourite craft shops, walked the mall and went to my fave bookshop. Lucy wanted a dress for graduation but they were too frou frou baby doll stuff and expensive to boot! Alot of them were over 250 US $. We ended up at the craft store – fabric section and she chose a yellowish piece with hot air balloons and airplanes.  Well…I would have preferred more flowery fabric but we got what she wanted. I reckoned hot air balloons and planes mean that she is flying high after high school.

That saturday, I visited my friend Rie whom I had met in February. She had moved to Date, a small town on the south coast of Hokkaido. I took the train from Sapporo, the journey took an hour and a half – expensive too. We had sushi and then we rented  a car and drove towards Lake Toya. On the way we stopped at a volcanic crater and walked along it. Steam was spouting in places and we went to a site where the eruption took place in 2000. Houses were damaged and roads were buckled. The earth along the trails were hot to the touch and if you dig a hole, steam would shoot out.

We then drove to the lake. It was really cold so instead of walking along the shores we decided to drive around. We found a sign that said “Rose’s Tea House” and decided to go have a cuppa. When we found it, I thought I had died and gone back to Truckee!! Rose’s house was so much like a house at home, with pine rafters and walls and her kitchen and the garden room reminded me of our home in Truckee, even the front door was just like ours at home! Rose used to own a Folkcraft shop in Yokohama but she moved to Hokkaido about ten years ago and decided to build an American log house. She has some interesting pieces of furniture – african log bed , Afghanistan chest, ENglish table. The tea and cake was delicious too.

We also met another lady, Edo san, who seemed on the lonely side. After Rose’s place we went to Edo san’s apartment, which seemed “empty” compared to Rose’s. Edo san had just moved from Sapporo and so Rie said she will meet up with her once in a while.

I cannot believe that an American style home existed in the forest of Lake Toya!! Amazing.


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