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Summer is hot and humid here. “Atsui desu ne” is the usual greeting between friends here. “Hot isn’t it?” I say that to strangers too while waiting for the “walk ” lights to turn green before crossing the road. I am good at waiting for the green light, just like the Japanese. I got caught by the police once, crossing the road when it was red and I nearly got Liza and her boyfriend into trouble as well!

It rains off and on too this month, makes running errands difficult on my bicycle. When the sun is out, I have a hat on, long fingerless cotton gloves like all the lady cyclists here and I have my sunglasses on as well. The gloves is to keep one from getting too tan. They like their porcelain white skin here. There are also many different kinds of parasols right now, especially, pretty cotton lacy ones.

Cicadas make loud chirping noises too from sunrise to sunset and even at nights! They fall down dead on the pavements and even in the walkway of our apartment. However, not as bad as Austin Texas in 1991, when the ground was simply covered with dead cicadas. We had to walk on them, crunching all the way.

I look forward to the cooler fall. Just so miserable and energy sapping weather right now.


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