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I have been home almost three weeks. Boy, does time fly when you are having fun! I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing my kids and my doggies. Both dogs did not seemt o recognise me – boo hoo hoo! Well, it has been almost a year since I last saw them.

Dave arrived home on wednesday for about ten days. On thursday he went to the Reno Air Show with Alex and I think they enjoyed being together. On Friday, Dave had some bloodwork done at the hospital, dental appointments, twice, and then back to the hospital – this time at the emergency. I was cooking when he came into the kitchen asking for hydrogen peroxide and cotton wool and bandaids. He said he cut his knee and I asked him “how” and he said with the chain saw!! I said “whaaat??!!” and then ran around getting him what he needed. I am no good in emergencies like this but one look and I knew he had to have stitches. He was only going to put bandaids on! Lucy drove him to the hospital and she said the blood dripping from the wound certainly got him noticed and quick service. He came home with 7 stitches.


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