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I had abit of a problem and needed antibiotics but it was night time and in a foreign country – so I called the front desk of the hotel we were staying and he told me that a doctor will come calling. Well, there was a kncok at the door and three German  paramedics plus the front desk guy came in. I was so glad Dave had just come back from work a few minutes before.

I ended up taking a ride in the ambulance to the nearest hospital, had a urine test, and saw a doctor. I said to Dave, brace yourself for the bill but when the bill came, we were so stunned – $84 for all those services! For the locals here it would be cheaper still as their medical insurance would pick  up some of the cost.  The doctor gave us a prescription and with the navigator in our rental car, we were able to find a pharmacy that was opened at 1 am. And the cost for antibiotics and another packet of meds – about $40!

So we ask ourselves what is wrong with the medical system in the US that so many people are without medical insurance. The ambulance  ride in Dresden was free to the patient. My daughter told me that when she broke her ankle roller skating, it cost $500 for the paramedic to cut her shoe laces! And any tests be it urine or bloodwork the cost in the US would be about $300 to $400 but I think I paid 5.60 euros (it was all included in the $80 I paid.)


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The packers came Feb 10th to pack and ship our stuff back to the US. The real estate people came for a final walk through on Feb 13th and made a bee line for the small hole in the wood floor that I made when I dropped the iron one day. They may want to replace the whole flooring now at our cost because replacing one panel may not match the rest of the flooring!! Dave thought I should have left my foot there so the wood floor would not have been damaged!

The packers made a small hole in the wall when they accidently dropped the headboard. The apartment head honchos came to inspect it, took photos, made alot of fuss and at the end of the inspection told the packers that the whole wall will have to be replaced! Good luck to the packing company. I am worried about that hole in the floor now.

We left Aizu on Feb 13th, and spent the night at a hotel in Narita. We boarded Austrian Airline for Vienna on Valentine’s Day, then onto Berlin, From Berlin, we drove a rental for two hours to Dresden.

When I first entered the plane at Narita, I was struck by how colorful an Austrian plane was – the air stewards were all dressed in red, shoes, tights, dress or trousers. Then, when I entered the plane, I though OMG how bright! The seats were all green and the head rest covers were yellow, red and white. Amazing – what a change from United and COntinental planes!

The food was great too and the air stewardesses were constantly bringing drinks and rehydrating us all. That was really great.

Vienna and Berlin airports looked really old and aged when compared to the airport in Kuala Lumpur and Narita.

We now live in a lovely old hotel – the Radisson SAS Gerwnadhaus in Dresden, in the old town. Alot of Dresden was bombed by the Brits and the Americans and they are slowly rebuilding. The Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) was completely bombed out but now stood proud and beautiful after the rebuild.

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Two weeks after we returned from our Christmas Holidays, we found out that Spansion – the company that Dave was contracted to – was going to have a furtherĀ  month of shutdown. The worsening world economy has hit the factory. Dave was told to start work on a solar panel factory in Dresden, Germany! He left Aizu end of January for two weeks. I stayed on to get things packed and wind down our stay in Aizu.

My friends from the gym organised goodbye lunches, teas etc. I was sad to leave my good friends.

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