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My first blog since returning to the USA from Japan/Germany!

Dave was home for five weeks but we were not resting on our behinds – instead we were replacing our roof! We complted 65% of it before he had to return to Germany. That will be another blog…

However, for the last four or five weeks, I have been digging and shovelling and weeding our garden. In one area of the yard, I dug and removed four wheelbarrow loads of grass that has been there ever since we bought the property in 1997! They grew in patches and never really spread but I wanted it to be grass free to start adding more plants that hopefully will get a chance to grow and flower before the critters take a bit out of them.

So, my daily routine would be to walk the dogs along the beautiful Alder Creek with wild flowers growing along the trails and the bubbling creek, or in the back forests, garden til lunch, more gardening til dinner time. There’s so much to do and I must admit that I had neglected the yard for the last so many years.

My friend Ann inspires me to work on my garden. Despite the threat from squirrels, rabbits and deer, her garden thrives with gorgeous plants and flowers. I help thin her yard of black eyed susan, lady’s mantle, some kind of yellow daisy,¬† evening primrose, geum and sedums, take them home and transplant them into my garden. I cannot wait to see the fruits of my labor.

The lupine seeds that I sowed in the garden a couple of years ago are flowering in abundance. A few succumbed to the wild critters but I do love looking at them. On one of my walks two years ago, I picked some seeds and threw them in one of my flower beds. This year there are masses of leaves that I thought was Jacob’s Ladder but the local nursery identified it as a locoweed called Astragalus. Apparently, farmers spend thousands of dollars to get rid of them as this weed causes insanity to their cattle and horses after they ingest t hem!!! The nursery man told me to enjoy the flowers but snip them off before they turn to seeds. I cannot wait to see the beautiful purplish blue flowers.

Besides store bought plants and “shopping” at my friend Ann’s house, I also grew from seeds – hollyhocks, nasturtiums, chinese lanterns, morning glory, poppies¬† and Bells of Ireland. I am waiting for the hollyhocks to grow taller before I transplant them into the garden. They are about an inch tall with about four leaves now. The nasturtiums have been put in some hanging baskets, pots and in the ground. The poppies are also int he ground – although some did not survive!

My mother in law was an avid gardener. She lived in England and used to have the most gorgeous front and back yards. I would love to have her give me some advise right now but unfortunately she passed on about 18 years ago. She grew every plant from seeds, she was always in the green house or in the garden and dinner suffers. The veggies were overboiled or burnt…and her bum was always in the air planting or weeding!

Despite sunscreen I have caught the sun and is darker than ever. I have dropped several pounds digging and moving dirt and let me tell you that without my very favourite tool, the PICK AXE, I would never be able to do what I did in my garden. I have also recently purchased the Hori Hori knife to help with my weeding. I should have looked for more Japanese garden tools when I lived in Japan!

There’s a saying in one of the gardening websites: only the rain will make you do your housework!


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