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We saw the P90X informercial several weeks ago and I decided to get it. I love the fact that you get to do a different set of exercises everyday. There are 12 dvd’s with all sorts of exciting workouts. There is even a Yoga dvd – I used to do a similar power yoga for two years and was never able to find a dvd for it until now! The guys and gals doing the workouts are all “muscley” and I admire the fact that the men with muscles could do yoga! I know a few kids who are buff but could not even touch their toes!!

P90X is a program for 90 days and if followed diligently, I will have a tone body. I have worked out most of my adult life to stay healthy but I have never had a “buff” body so we will see. This program is based on the fact that one has to confuse the muscles with different workout routines in order to achive a tone and buff look.

SO, I hijacked the tv and dvd player from the guest room to my master bedroom – more space to move around. I have the bands, the heart monitor, the yoga mat, my indoor shoes, the chin up bar needs to go up in the closet doorway and I really need to get more weights but the ones I have 2, 4 & 5 will suffice right now.

Yesterday was DAY1 with loads of push ups and chin ups. I have not set up the chin up bar yet so I followed one of the guys who was using a rubber band. The push ups are tough and I can only do a few reps on my knees. The killer was the decline push up where your feet are on the seat of a chair and your palms are on the carpet. I cannot wait to get stronger in my arms because I want to do the proper chaturanga in the yoga moves. Even though I did power yoga for a long time chaturanga eludes me and I have do it with my knees on the floor. can’t wait…..to get stronger in my arms…

DAY 2 today: I did Plyometrics – lots of jumps and squats. I did great – I did not jump as high nor squat as low but I did the whole hour – no problem! My heart rate was in my target range 130 to 140. bring it!!! YAY Tony Horton! I look forward to the next exercise.


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