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Newschwanstein Castle

On sunday, Dec 13th 2009, we drove an hour south of Munich to see the Neuschwanstein castle, supposedly duplicated by Disneyland. It snowed lightly and was about -3 deg C.

When we got there, we saw the castle perched on top of a ridge. It looked beautiful and forlorn in the cold wintry day. The buses were not running due to snow and ice. So we had to walk up the hill – took us 40 minutes. I think the buses would be able to run but they wanted to put the horse carriages to work and earn their keep. We had to keep our eyes on the road due to horse droppings mixed with snow – ugh!

Dave at the other end of the castle

His parents' castle

The castle was build in 1860s by a young King Ludwig 2nd. On the opposite ridge  was another castle built by his parents. Ludwig 2nd only managed to completely finish 16 of the 64 rooms. What was completed was beautiful, lots of paintings on the wall and some ceilings. The paintings mostly depicted operatic themes.

The King only stayed there for 179 days. He died of a mysterious cause. His uncle succeeded hm as his only brother was mentally ill.


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